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Online Bible South African Edition

What is New Jan. 20, 2000
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Changes for 8.11

1) Icon size can be scaled to suit your computer in the User Preferences
menu under options. Icon size defaults to 66% of normal size which should
be suitable for most computers.

2) Asyncronous Sound Player device SPlayer added to allow WAV files to be
played in background. It works line the MMPlayer except it displays no
onscreen controls and only handles WAV sound files, not MP3 files.

3) Option added to splash screen to surpress showing this window again.

4) Windows paths conform to NT and Windows 2000 usage. Path names determined
from Windows calls or from the system registry.

5) Diagnostic Form added to test sound system under Diagnotsics.
Message Numbers 598,599. HelpTestAudio = 296.

6) Uninstall deletes the Program Group.

7) Use * at the end of a word in the dictionary index to have it
match any word with a similar root.

Example: In your dictionary index write.


would match Abraham and Abraham's. English does not really require this
as do foreign languages that are inflected. All lookups to care of words
ending in "'s" or "s" or have a ' near the beginning like  French words
starting with "l'" or "d'". Hence there is no need to use  this feature
with most Western European languages.

8) The DDE interface to create icons has been replaced with a COM interface.

9) COM Server added to allow VB, Delphi and C++ programs to access Online
Bible databases. Interface will be defined in detail in a month or so.
Current usage restricted to program called "SongPlus" and is experimental.
Server is registered when Online Bible is installed and unregistered
when you uninstall the Online Bible.

We have a sample Client project in Delphi 5 showing how this interface
works which we will release when everything is finalised.

10) Audio interface added to support addon CD's that contain the audio for
the Bible in various languages and versions. Cd's for various Bible
versions should be available by the spring.

11) Form scaling logic completely redone to correctly handle various
problems with Large Fonts or % of fonts.

12) Module abbreviations must contain alphabetic, numberic or the underscore
character only. We require this to conform to ISO 9660 standards.

To preclude questions, we plan to allow the user to define new speed keys on
the tool bar to the maximum number the tool bar can handle. That code should
be done in a month. Also we plan to release our compile tools for notes and
topics in the next six months as soon as we make them more friendly to use.
Compile tools interface will only be in English.

Known Problems:

1) ATI Rage Fury video drivers are really buggy. Online Bible crashes if ATI
card run in 64K colours. The latest driver posting on December 7th,
listed two pages of bug fixes! If you see a blank vertical line through
the glyphs of any of the buttons, you know you will have problems. Try
one of the following:

a) Change to 24 bit colour or 256 bit colours. This usually works.

b) Try running with video hardware acceleration turned down to none. This
will identify it as a video driver conflict if it eliminates the

c) Try running program with computer in safe mode (Win95/98) or VGA
mode (NT).

d) Contact your specific video card vendor about getting a compatible
generic S3-compliant video driver.

e) Uninstall MicroSoft's DirectX software and try again.

2) Append to Clipboard (RTF) does not work with Word Perfect and Word Pad
but works correctly with MS Word.

3) Arabic print problems to the printer are still not corrected after
several unsuccessful attempts. Print to a file or copy to the clipboard
and print from your word processor as a work around for now.