• Problem: While trying to install Online onto a Windows 95/98/NT system, you get a message: “Cannot find the file C:\BIBLE\WIN31\SETUP.EXE  (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available.”

    Solution: I am extremely sorry about this problem. This is due to a printing error on the leaflet. 1.3.2 should be changed to read: “Run H:\BIBLE\WIN32\SETUP.EXE”.  You can also download the installation instructions from


Problem: If you say that your  mission is to distribute the Bible on computer “free of charge”, why the  R250?

Solution: When you buy any computer program, you pay primarily for the time and expenses that went into the writing of the computer code. In Online’s case the years of work (more than ten years by a great number of people all over the world) is free  of charge. We are however, compelled by the copyright law to pay copyright fees for certain Bible translations. The way in which this works is that, on the signing of  the contract with the publishing house or Bible Society (whatever the case may be),  a substantial amount must be paid immediately and on all copies of the Bible on computer  distributed after that a certain levy must also be paid. (The actual levy for the  NIV is $20.) Furthermore, the cost for making such a CD (which is done overseas) is also quite high. To start off, you need to make a glass master of the CD (at a price which took my breath away) and from this master the CD’s are copied at a fixed cost per CD. Afterwards all the CD’s and paper inserts are printed. Then the  jewel case have to be bought and people have to be paid to pack the insert and CD into the jewel case and then these huge boxes with CD’s have to be couriered to my home. Lastly, all CD's are posted via registered post in padded envelopes. Although the above costs are high, it would, in the case of a commercial computer program, be minimal compared to the cost of developing the program itself. However, in Online's case, this developing is done by volunteers without any compensation.


  • Problem: I do not have a CD  Rom in my computer.

    Solution: Unfortunately I do not distribute the Online Bible on any other medium as  CD disks. Due to the poor quality of “stiffies”, it was getting more of a burden than a pleasure to distribute the Bible on these disks. This is one of the reasons why I decided to start distributing the program on CD.


Problem: I would like to pay by credit card.

Solution: Unfortunately, the costs involved in receiving payment by credit card is rather high. If I would use these facilities, I would have to increase the price of  the CD, which I definitely would not like to do.


  • Problem: I would like to add certain translations, which I forgot to include when initially installing the program.

    Solution: Due to the way in which Windows works, you will have to go through the entire  installation process again – which will take five minutes of your time at the  most. You have to mark all the translations as well as other helps you want to use,  including those which you already use.


Problem: I cannot find the Thompson’s Chain  Reference’s.

Solution: You will find these under the Topics. Open the Topics, click on Index and  search for the Thompson’s references.


  • Problem: I am sure that my CD  is not complete!

    Solution: This is impossible, due to the method used to duplicate commercial CD’s. Everything that is on the master disk, is also on your CD.


Problem: I have done the installation, but there are certain translations which I chose, which I cannot find on the list.

Solution: Most probably you did not follow the installation instructions. You have to run SETUP.EXE twice – once from the WINSTALL directory and once from WIN16 or WIN32. Please follow the instructions carefully. You can also download the installation instructions from


  • Problem: While installing the  program, I got a message: “Failed to establish DDE link” accompanied by numerous small icons on my desktop.

    Solution: I do not know the cause of this problem. I prefer to blame it on Windows 95. Exit Windows, restart your computer and install Online again. Everything should  work now.


Problem: While installing the program, I get the following message: “ERROR: Restart program with CDROM in drive or redo SETUP  specifying a Bible Directory”

Solution: Most probably you did not follow the installation instructions. You have to run SETUP.EXE twice – once from the WINSTALL directory and once from WIN16 (Windows 3.xx) or WIN32 (Windows 95/98/NT). Please follow the instructions carefully. You can also download the installation instructions from


  • Problem: I do not know how to  proceed from one note to the next.

    Solution: Use your arrow keys to go to the next or the previous note. I have also  redefined my F6 and F12 keys (using the right mouse button) as “Next Item” and “Previous Item” which has the same function as the arrow keys.


Problem: After installing the program to my  hard drive, I cannot access the maps.

Solution: When the Online Bible CD was originally written in Canada, it was never  intended that this program should be installed to the hard drive. This is a function which I built in myself, but unfortunately the program will only access the maps from the CD. Use a program which can open .bmp files and access these maps directly from  the CD. You will find them under \OLB\BIBLE\IMAGEE00\100172.BMP - 100199.BMP. An excellent  viewer for this purpose is Irfanview32 which you can download from this site under  “Downloads”.

  • Probelm:I prefer to have a printed rather than an electronic manual. Where can I obtain it?

    Solution:On your Online CD under \OLB\BIBLE you will find a file called MANUAL.EXE kry. Copy this program to a directory of your choice on your hard drive. This is a "self-extracting" file. If you run this file, you will have a complete manual for  version 7.00 of the Online Bible for Windows in MS WORD format. Version 8 does have slight changes, but you should be able to cope with these changes.

Problem: My antivirus program reports that there is a virus in the CHOOSE.EXE file on the CD.

Solution: FProt and Trend reports a virus on this program. This is an incorrect message. The latest versions of McAfee and Norton Antivirus confirmed that there is no virus in this file. You can proceed to install the program without fear of infecting your computer with a virus.

Q: When doing a word searh in the NIV translation, all the Bible books are given in Afrikaans instead of English.

A: If you had installed the program to your hard-drive,  then this problem can be overcome. Under
DOWNLOADS you need to download the program VERSION.DAT. Copy this file to your hard drive under the directory where the NIV translation is stored. If you had done a default installation, this will be C:\BIBLE\NIV. This should fix the problem. If you are running the program directly from CD, this remedy will unfortunately not help.