Andrew Murray Bible School School

The School

Today, if someone wants to prepare himself for better service to the Lord Jesus, he faces many options. Although many institutions are waving invitations, they often cover a spectrum ranging from dull theory lacking in Spirit, to superficial crash courses lacking in depth. Since 1970, the approved courses offered by the Andrew Murray Bible School has struck a balance between theory and practice, learning and spiritual growth. Although there is absolute dedication to academic standards and soundness of doctrine, as well as acknowledgement of the most recent theological developments, the course is aimed at the ministry and instructs the student in exegesis of the Scripture, preaching, evangelism, and pastoral work, among other things.

The Andrew Murray Bible School is run by the Christian Reformed Theological Seminary on the East Rand, an institution that offers inter-denominational theological courses covering a wide spectrum. It offers degree and diploma courses presented in the form of study guides compiled by lecturers who are university accredited and appointed. The student has to work through these study guides on his/her own. The courses of the Andrew Murray Bible School are academically of a very high standard.

The Seminary has a Reformed basis of faith with the emphasis on world evangelization. Spiritual growth, practical Christianity, mission and evangelism are all important aspects reflected in the courses. The Seminary also caters for Afrikaans students.